Gateau Outrage in West Country.

How much would you cough up for a slice of coffee & walnut cake at Compton Abbas Airfield? ( No cream.)

Great working with SAM Approach yesterday morning. SRA to 02 in glorious sunshine & no airline traffic. Key is performance: Must hit descent rate of 500′ per minute asap.

Weather back to normal today!



Sunday week ago the Vulcan was delayed starting its taxi run at Wellesbourne due to electrical problems. A pain for all concerned, not least Charles Brimson & his noble crew. Sorted eventually but as the image indicates a blown fuse/circuit breaker not an easy fault to trace in this lot!! Adding insult to injury, so much power generated by those four Rolls Royce engines that tyres were scrubbed…and they are not cheap/off the shelf!?


Rising Damp

Surprising how a grey smudge on the wall of the dining room, the size of a £10 note, can develop into a cracking headache!! This dining room wall does not quite look like it did last night… as workers find the true extent of rising damp.Here is hoping the bank manager, if he can be found, is a man of the World!

Newcomers at Wellesbourne

This ‘classic’ is one of the few arrivals at Wellesbourne today…just as Jamie & I were rare visitors to Northampton/Sywell. Strong winds, sadly, but this beast powered through these! Interesting to contemplate the builder of the engine that powered it. Indeed, what is it? And those markings signify what? What innovation on this aircraft altered U.S. success in daylight bombing in W.W.2.?