Flying Lessons

Peter Metcalfe’s Plane

Peter Metcalfe’s Plane

Peter is a fully qualified flying instructor in both the United States and  the United Kingdom.

As with all things in his life, Peter takes a dedicated and committed approach to his flying and has a 100% success rate in obtaining his students at the PPL/IMC/Multi levels, certificated for both the CAA and the FAA. A more extensive summary of his career can also be seen on his Flying CV page.

If you would be interested in receiving flying lessons from Peter then you should contact South Warwickshire Flying School here.


“Peter is an excellent educator and has mentored many young people in the quest for Aviation.”

Tripp Wacker (President at Ryan Aviation Inc.)

“Peter is a delight to train with and very professional. His diligence is extraordinary and I have seen him working through complex material with unremitting energy until he masters all its aspects.”

Malcolm Pryce (Seed Capital Investment)

“Peter is extremely well qualified as an Instructor both in the U.K and
the States. I have been flying for 45 years now and rely on Peter to keep me current on my qualifications.”

John Milne (MD at Meon Hill Farms Ltd-Stockbridge)

As with his Academic Tutoring this is just a sample of a wealth of references for Peter and more can be seen on his LinkedIn Profile.