Peter Metcalfe Tutoring

Peter Metcalfe Tutoring

Peter Metcalfe has been teaching History and International Studies for over 30 years.

As the testimonies beneath will endorse, Peter is well known for his rigorous preparation, attention detail and a determined will for his students to achieve. His lessons are proactive, engaging and focused resulting in Peter always getting the most possible out of his students.

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“I can credit no teacher or mentor more highly for my academic development and success at Cambridge interview than Peter Metcalfe. He is a man with an infectious passion for his subject, a tremendous capacity for inspiration, and a selfless generosity of both time and knowledge.”

Conrad Griffin (M&A Analyst at Barclays Capital)

“Peter has integrity and resilience beyond that I know of any other colleague in my career.”

Alastair Land (Deputy Head Master at Harrow School)

“A superb teacher, and a reliable mentor. Peter Metcalfe is kind-hearted, thoughtful, generous and interested. Teaching us, he was a tremendous force for achievement, and his boundless energy never failed to transmit similar passion to the students around him. I am very grateful for years of great guidance from him.”

Phil Mooney (Student at Princeton University)

“Peter Metcalfe is an outstanding teacher of History and a man of very great integrity.”

Ralph Townsend (Headmaster at Winchester College)

These are just a sample of a wealth of excellent references for Peter, it is well worth reading the extensive list of other references on his LinkedIn Profile.